Hair Cut.!

Got a hair cut today, spontaneously I walked in to barber shop. From the outside it could be mistaken for a ordinary hair dresser. You know, with some fancy pink chairs some lights behind the mirrors and shelfes filled up with crazy products....
Anyway,  I came in and his happy face just incendered with a big smile. It made me smile.
 While he was cutting my hair he was constantly trying to sell his products, he was going on and on how popular his products were, how important it was for him to satisfy customers.., and so on.. The whole time I was smiling and being polite. Maybe threw in a little joke here and there.
Then he said, "my products will make you happy, they will make you glow and spread out your energy and make people happy". Thats when I realized : He wasnt really trying to sell products, he was creating happiness for his customers...

Because of him Im smiling right now, we should all be smiling more!!!

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