Welcome -enjoyers of life!

Welcome enjoyers of life and all of you that wish to embrace life at an everyday basis. The purpouse of this blog will be to bring small, as well as big moments of joy into focus.

There will be inlays about everything that makes you happier. Small things, like the great feeling of slipping down in a hot bathtub a cold November evening or greater things like travel tips from all over the world and other unique experiences.

Food, drinks and entertainment are all elements I consider to be important for the everyday wellbeing meaning the there will be a mix of tips, recipes and reviews. I hope that I will recieve a lot of input on how I can increase my own satisfaction!


  1. Climb a mountain to sit on and enjoy the view, see the greatness of our world, the beauty around us, and feel the deep satisfaction of contact with nature.

    Be quiet and enjoy!

    Bring a tent, a sleeping bag, some food, sleep well, get up at dawn and see the sun moving.

    Follow the seasons, and understand the huge processes of nature.

    And then climb another mountain when you feel like it.

  2. I totally agree Twom, there are some really nice places out there, explore them, respect them and enjoy them.