The sun is always shining in Karlstad

In between the dark mysterious forest of Värmland and the biggest lake in North Europe, Vänern, is a city were the sun always shines: KARLSTAD (karlstad.se)
The City of Karlstad, the heart of Värmland, is the largest city in Värmland. It is also the only real city, even if people in the surrounding towns probably will frown on this statement.
The Sun

In Karlstad, there is an expression that the sun always shines in Karlstad, it has the origin from a roumor about a waitress who worked at one of the taverns. She was always happy and spread joy around her.  You can find a statue of her outside "Stadshotellet"
Karlstad was founded 1584 by Karl IX and has grown into a modern and urban city with a variety of malls, cafés, restaurants, shops, bars and all other activities you expect from a modern city. Since 1999 Karlstad has its own university with more than 10000  students. (www.kau.se)

The great river of Klara runs through the whole city and forms a great delta, before it runs on into Vänern. The water system is taken advantage of, and has helped to shape the citys character. Moats, sluices, marinas, taxi/bus boats and the many bridges.

Karlstad is  almost completely surrounded by wilderness, just a twenty minute drive in any direction from the city core you will experience almost untouched and unexplored places. Everything from small fishing ponds to canals where its perfect to launch a canoe. And if you're lucky or unlucky, depending on how you see it, you might spot a wolf or a moose.
If wilderness and nature experiences do not appeal to you, there are other ways to be entertained, for instance a visit in the opera house or in the theater.
Like in many other cities, you have a selection of places where you can be served a good meal. Everything from a classic swedish home cooked meal to an excotic thai menu can be found in Karlstad. Most of the restaurants and the bars are located down town by the town square. Tom Yam (Thai) is a must visit place for anyone who knows to appreciate a good thai meal, the food and the atmosphere here is outstanding. For a home cooked meals (Trad. Swedish) in very convival enviroment you should visit Munken.(www.restaurangmunken.se) Via Appia is a good choice where you will find a selection of typical mediterranean food with a Swedish touch. In the summer, the roof terrace of Via Appia is outstanding!(www.nyaviaappia.se) Along the bar street by the town square you have a choices of diffeerent bars who are also serving food like hamburgers and sallads. For fashionable drinks or nightcaps I strongly recommend Koriander wich turns into a night club at late hours. (www.korianderkarlstad.se)

So check out the hotels/hostel and plan your trip to Karlstad, or simply bring your tent or your caravan. 
Enjoy and have a good time :-) !(www.svenskaturistforeningen.se)

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