R.A.K is short for Random Act of Kindness, wich is something theres a big lack of in our modern society.  We just rumble around in our own little bubble without any concern for others and others well being.
We are constant under development. In this busy world we are chasing success in form of materialistic goals and achieving success in your career.  It seems like we forget about the really important things in life and do not appreciate things that really matter, like just being kind to each others. We give each other the cold shoulder, we look the other way when we really should have reached out a hand. We need to get a grip and let our impulses run the show and act on our feelings and reach out a hand randomly to any one who might need it.
Sometimes its going to feel weird and uncomfortable but in the end when you get that smile and a thank you, you realize it was all worth it... and it will eventually feel like most natural thing in life.

Here Im going to post inlays about R.A.K and give people ideas and tell stories about randomly kind things that has happened to me or others, maybe just small things like giving a coffee to a hobo, or greater things like saving some ones life.

So guys, get out there and be kind to each other and remember what goes around comes around!!!

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  1. Good article, and I will now seriously get started on the way to RAK. Funny thing though - people are slightly suspicious when you offer help.

    Yes, I will surely start doing RAK.

    I will report back later on how I am doing - promise.