Beethoven once said that anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart and cannot make a good soup!
Food is a very important feature in our everyday. One possibility is to just have some food and consumption are only to take away the feeling of hunger but, if you put just a little effort in your kitchen its easy to endure small culinary experiences at your own kitchen table.
Every now and then I cook some food that I appreciate a little extra and here is the recipe for a very good soup. It is actually very good even if it contains lentils....

What you need is:

2     Carrots
1     Red Onion
1/2   Leek
2     Garlic cloves
1     Red chili 
2     tbs of fresh Ginger
2     Lime leaves
1     tsp Fennel
2     tsp Coriander
1     Can of Coconut milk (400 ml)
1     l bouillon
1     dl Red lentils
2     tsp Thai fishsauce
2     tbs Fresh lime juice
1     dl of fresh coriander or thai basil
      Some curry or chilli paste (optional)

Peel and grate the carrots or slice it into pieces if you want a chunkier soup. Slice red onion, cut the leek and chop the garlic and the chilli. If you want it less spicy, remove  the seeds and finely chop the chilli flesh.
Fry the onions, carrots, chilli and ginger in oil for a few minutes. Stir in the lime leaves, the spices and dilute with coconut milk and add the
. Add the lentils and cook until the lentils are ready. The lentils can be cooked seperately, if you want the veggies to be more crispy.
Season with fish sauce and lime. Serve with coriander or Thai basil on top.


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